Hi! It's Karra Eloff here, founder of The Chronic Pain Couple.

Has your relationship been affected by chronic pain? If so, this will be the most important information you want to access in 2020.


Well, if you're reading this, you no doubt know that chronic pain can really take a stronghold of your relationship. 

It's so hard to love on your chosen human when you're focused on surviving. It's hard to connect, date, and be intimate when you're battling pain and fatigue. 

Do you ever get that feeling you're a burden to your partner because of all the rest you need? Or partners, do you ever feel exhausted from supporting our loved one in pain? 

It's understandable. You're not alone in this struggle. Chronic pain is difficult. Having a remarkable relationship doesn't need to be though! 

I'm a health professional, a co-founder and managing director of two mental health clinics on the East Coast of Australia but most importantly, I am dedicated to showing couples the science-based, practical ways to have a passion-filled and long-lasting relationship despite chronic pain. 

Chronic pain affects everything in our lives, doesn't it? It affects our lifestyle, mobility, finances, family planning, career planning, retirement plans, hobbies, social life and of course, our relationship and sex life. 

I know when I first started experiencing chronic pain years ago, I felt the strain on my relationship and I spent many evenings searching online for someone who could show me how I could practically keep the spark in my relationship.

The problem? There wasn't any practical help available! 

How do I show my partner I love them when my body is in agony? 

How do I help around the home when I'm fatigued beyond belief?

How do I enjoy sex when I'm in pain?

How do I be a joyful partner when I'm emotionally struggling because of pain?

These were the sorts of questions I needed answered. I needed a quick guide to a great new normal with my partner so we could keep enjoying the deep connection and incredible love we had built together. I didn’t have the energy to figure it out on my own. 

Sadly, the practical support I needed was never available. 

Being a health professional, researcher and managing director of mental health clinics, as well as having a husband who is a clinical psychologist...I knew if there were answers, I could be the one to find them. 

And you know what? 

Allowed us to INSTANTLY create space in our relationship for non-pain and health related conversations and activities! It allowed us to rapidly improve our relationship. I didn't feel like a burden anymore and my partner wasn't exhausted and struggling with the uncertainty of chronic pain. 

Through research, I found the blueprint to a remarkable relationship despite chronic pain that I wish I had at the start of our chronic pain journey. 

The low-energy, high-impact, (and science-based) practical strategies for chronic pain couples that gives the control back to partners!

So, if you are in search of the solutions to the relationship problems chronic pain is causing in your relationship, and the practical tools to get on top of your emotions to be a more joyful partner despite pain...

This is the real talk we must have. 

You can have a plan to improve your relationship when your pain lessens...you can wait until you might need couples counselling or you can just settle for having an average relationship where you 'push through' together because of pain, but what if you didn't have to just settle? What if you could actually be given the simple, low energy steps to a remarkable relationship despite chronic pain?

Life is too short to have an average relationship. Pain has already stolen so much from you. 

So can I ask you...

What would it look like if you and your partner had a wonderful, passion-filled relationship and mastered pain and love?

How much easier would your journey with chronic pain be if you and your partner were on the same team, fighting this together and growing closer during the process? 

You'll be less stressed, right!? We all know stress exacerbates pain, hey. 

You could spend more time focusing on your healing and living a joyful life.

You could both feel more loved through increased intimacy and understanding. 

Stop feeling like a burden and know how to show your partner you care for them even from under your duvet during a flare-up! 

WITHOUT needing couples therapy 

WITHOUT cheesy connection-building activities (don't worry I'm not going to ask you to do any soul gazing with each other!)

WITHOUT needing you to devote much of your valuable energy to the process (I know you're fatigued...)

So, after years of requests for me to share with you our secret steps…I am thrilled to introduce you to the most practical, chronic pain couple tailored program we have EVER created. The best bit is you don't need to travel to the East Coast of Australia either to meet with me. 

Together we can transform your relationship inside:

The Chronic Pain Couple's Partner Project

My practical step-by-step relationship altering system. 

The Chronic Pain Couple's Partner Project is a compilation of years of experience with pain, research, clinical experience from health professionals and countless breakthroughs with clients. 

All boiled down into...

4 Powerful Modules Inside An Online Training Program

Inside these 4 modules (you can explore at your own pace) you'll learn how to... 

  • Get On The Same Team As Your Partner. It's you & your partner vs. chronic pain, not you vs. your partner. 
  • Make Space In Your Relationship For Fun & Romance. 
  • Feel more supported by your partner.
  • Beat that feeling of being a burden to your partner.
  • Limit your conversations about chronic pain & health while feeling more validated & cared for. 
  • Implement low energy but high-impact strategies to show your partner love.
  • Be the fun, loving partner you want to be despite chronic pain.
  • Improve your sex life (should I have written this first?) .
  • Juggle new roles due to pain.
  • AND, ensure your supporting partner feels supported, desired and loved while you're in 'survival' mode.

And don't forget - you're not doing this alone. 

You'll get direct access to me via 2 group online problem solving sessions where you can ask me your questions about chronic pain & relationships!

We have individuals and couples joining us (so you can join the program and share what you learn with your partner or do the program with your partner or alone). 

Now, let's dive into exactly what you're getting with The Chronic Pain Couple Partner Project that you won't find ANYWHERE else. 

Module #1 - The Same Team

  • How to unify & get on the same team as your partner. It's you and your partner vs. the pain, not you vs. your partner!
  • What your partner needs to know about your pain. 
  • The crucial date for chronic pain couples. 
  • The fast track to happiness despite pain for chronic pain couples. 
  • How to decrease your pain through a better relationship. 

Module #2 Communication Hacks

  • How to create more space in your relationship for fun and romance (freeing you from pain and health talk).
  • Top tech hack for chronic pain couples (curbing pain conversations). 
  • The health professional's tricks for talking about pain. 
  • How to make your partner feel super loved with my low-energy strategy (I've got your back!). 
  • Join me and discover the one thing you're not prioritising, that has the power to transform your relationship. 
  •  Free chronic pain couple pain rating scales to personalise & save you months of conversations about pain. 
  • The one activity that decreases tension, limits disagreements and makes you feel understood & supported instantly. 

Module #3 Mind Matters 

  • Overcome the common negative thinking habits affecting chronic pain couples.
  • Learn how to fight negative thoughts (the best tips from mental health professionals).
  • The proven strategy transforming lives of people in pain and their partners.
  • Practical tools to be a more joyful partner
  • Get your hands on the one worksheet that fast tracks you to acceptance & your ideal relationship (and life!).
  • Mantras you'll love to bust you out of a negative space and help you be a more easy-going and fun-loving partner. ]
  • How your partner can avoid compassion fatigue and burnout. 
  • Freeing your partner from guilt 

Module #4 Intimacy

  • Unpack the truth about sex and chronic pain. 
  • Practical steps to give you a new desire for intimacy. 
  • The simple way to make your partner feel desired that takes little energy!
  • Debunk the common myths affecting your sex life. 
  • How to beat fatigue & enjoy sex despite pain.


  • You deserve success and happiness - I show you how to get it!
  • Find your purpose and be the partner you both know you can be.
  • How to create a better new normal than you thought possible! 

Inside The Chronic Pain Couple Course, you'll have access to this 4-module portal + Bonus Lesson: A New Normal + 2 Online Group Problem Solving Sessions where you can directly ask me your questions. 

Now, this course is valued at $997 USD, but I'm NOT going to make you pay that. 

Can I ask you something though?

Would It Be Worth It If You Did Pay That? 

Right now, you might be thinking...

"Heck Yes, let me get inside and get my passion-filled relationship back NOW!"

But there's a chance you're thinking...

Wow, No, that's so much money!

So let's put it in perspective. 

The couples and partners I support are often accessing weekly therapy elsewhere to either decrease their pain, improve their mental health and/or better their relationship. But here is a practical toolbox of steps to help you do all three. Research shows us, greater relationship satisfaction leads to greater health! 

In order to take away the guess work, to experience a remarkable relationship... what would that be worth for you?

I'm giving you the opportunity to join me inside the Chronic Pain Couple's Partner Project for a limited time, one-time investment of

$427 USD

Get Started Now Only $427

My team think this is crazy.

Here's The Catch.

Because time is limited, I can only offer a limited number of participant seats in this project.  The next Partner project opens April 2020!

When you consider my network, those spaces will fill up fast. So What Do You Have To Lose? 

Will You Let Me Help You Make This Your Defining Moment Of 2020? 

I know you can do this. 

And I want to show you how.

 I'm extremely confident that if you rock-up and follow what is taught, this program will significantly change your relationship!

And to make this investment completely safe for you...

If you decide this course is not going to be beneficial to your relationship after actioning the steps in the first week. You can just email us, show us you've actioned the steps and request a refund before the second module and we'll issue you a 100% refund. 

Committing to improving my relationship while struggling with chronic pain was a GAME CHANGER for me. 

Getting the support I needed from my partner, decreasing the stress in our relationship and learning how to fill my husband's and my life with passion and fun despite battling fatigue and pain has meant I could focus on healing and hit big life goals despite pain! Being on the same team as your partner can transform everything for you. 

I wasted so much time in the early days of experiencing chronic pain, figuring out on my own the path back to a remarkable relationship. 

I don't want that for you. 

The fact that you've read this far tells me you're ready for action, and you need it to happen FAST. 

The Only Thing Left Is Your Decision To Act... 

This could be YOUR moment that you look back on in a few months or a year and say: 

That was the moment that changed my relationship forever. 

Click the button below to join me. 

But remember, this opportunity won't be available for long, don't let it slip you by...

I can't wait to hear of your relationship breakthroughs. 


Sally Shepherd

Author, Clinical Psychologist

Karra is passionate about helping couples create and maintain great relationships despite life adversity and chronic illness. All of her work is based on the latest research and science, but most importantly its informed by her own experiences: she has applied and found success with all this stuff. It is all also coming from a place of love, respect and passion. She genuinely wants to make a difference in people’s lives and she is already doing so!